Architectural Review

 Permitted Improvements & Restrictions

  • Single family, private dwelling purposes; one residence per lot
  • Maximum of 2 stories at the front elevation
  • Minimum square feet: 2,300 for 1 story house, 2,700 for more than 1 story house
  • Required 2-4 car garage, side or rear entry
  • Above ground swimming pools not permitted

Architectural Control

  • 3-5 person committee appointed by the Developer
  • 1 member must have experience in one or more of the following areas:
    • architectural, building, construction, or development
  • Developer controls the ARC up to 3 years after Developer’s last lot is sold
  • Builders must  request approval, including detailed plans, for all new houses
  • Items requiring review and approval include adding or changing:
    • Grading, drainage, and swales
    • Roofs
    • Storage sheds
    • Fencing or screening
    • Satellite dishes and poles
    • Decks, patios, and walls
  • ARC has 30 days to approve or reject a completed request
  • A quality of workmanship standard exists, with reasonable timing for completion
  • No chain-link / wire fences allowed
    • Except to enclose in-ground swimming pools & tennis courts

Requests for architectural approval can be made by completing and submitting the designated form.

Click this link to fill out an application

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