Introduction to HOA Governance

The Pinestream Homeowners Association, Inc. was created by Saks & Goldberg (the Developer) in November, 1996  to provide for the maintenance, preservation, and architectural control of the lots and common properties within the development. The HOA was incorporated as a "Business Not for Profit" in the State of Ohio by filing Articles of Incorporation.  Each property owner automatically becomes a Member of the HOA, which is governed by several legal documents.
The Ohio Code provides for certain laws regarding how HOAs can, and should, be governed, and takes precedent over all HOA governing documents.  The master governing document of the HOA is the Declaration, Covenants, Easements and Restrictions, which contains a comprehensive set of requirements as to how the HOA is to be managed.  Pinestream also has the Code of Regulations (formerly known as Bylaws), which describes how the Association is run, establishes voting rights and procedures, and contains rules for such things as how to call a meeting and how often meetings must be held.  Lastly, the HOA has adopted a set of Rules & Regulations, which more specifically spell out certain requirements in additional detail.
While all of these documents collectively provide the framework for how the HOA should be managed and governed, they also define the establishment of a Board of Directors and their responsibilities in governing and managing the day to day aspects of the association.  These volunteer directors are elected by the members annually.  The board has elected to use the services of Ott & Associates, Attorneys at Law, to provide legal counsel in the interpretation and application of these governing documents when the need arises.

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